The future is unpredictable. That’s why so many people live for today. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never arrive.

A cheap drink, a quick hookup, a fast payout. You’re using tomorrow’s payday to cover today’s debts. Playing the long odds, waiting for the big payout, is for chumps. Oh, sure, there are some who go for the long odds, signing onto deals that last weeks, months, sometimes even years. But the names they carry—Silverhand, Eurodyne, Blackhand—are legend. They do the unexpected, the unthinkable, the impossible. That’s what makes them legends.

But for every legend, there are a hundred thousand nobodies. And that’s just what you are: a nobody. Just a choomba trying to see the end of the day. You keep your head down and your business to yourself. When badges show up, you’re a ghost. You never say anything, and no one ever saw you. It’s just safer that way.

You’ve got a flat of your own, six square meters of home. No one breaks in because there’s nothing there worth keeping. Anything of value leaves with you when you walk out the door. There was an old 2D vid from the last century that warned not to get attached to anything you weren’t ready to walk away from in thirty seconds flat; you’ve cut that to ten. If a job comes along and the price is right—and the payday soon—you take it. If something doesn’t feel right, you walk away. It’s that simple, because keeping things black and white is what keeps you alive.

In short, when opportunity knocks, you answer. When it beats down the door, you’re already out the fire escape.

But do you even notice when opportunity whispers your name through the door?

The campaign will be run under basic CP2020 rules out of the main book. The roles in the following list are necessary; subroles from the role supplements will be considered upon request and justification.

  • Solo (2)
  • Fixer
  • Nomad
  • Techie

Optional roles include:

  • Netrunner
  • Media
  • Rockerboy

Characters will be built using a points system rather than rolls.

  • 65 Character Points
  • 40 Career Skill Points
  • REF + INT Pickup Skill Points
  • 9 additional skill points (use must be detailed)
  • Skill levels above 6 must be explained
  • Initial funds will be equivalent to 7 months
  • Backgrounds may be rolled, chosen, or creatively written, but are subject to modification. Details may be kept secret at player’s request.

Death Becomes Them